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Joe Lawrence
Business Credit Workshop

How To Finally Get Approved for Funding...
Without Getting Denied Due to Bad Credit or Low Revenue

Joe Lawrence
Business Credit Workshop

With Get Funded Challenge you’ll find out:

  • How to get all the business credit you could ever need even if you have failed before.
  • 3 ways to boost your personal and business credit score with less hassle.
  • ​What to do when banks deny you and won't say why.
  • ​Why joining our online credit community will be the game-changer for your success.
The "get funded" Challege!
Are you waiting for “someday” to get business credit for your business

You know that “someday” never really comes, just like “tomorrow.” 

Why put your success off for another day when you can have it now by purchasing the Get Funded challenge

You may not get another chance. 

This quote by Hillel the Elder says it all: 
“If not now, WHEN?”

Make this the day you decided to change your life.

Make it the day you start getting the funding you deserve and stop worrying about where you'll get the money from to grow your business. Not the day you decided to do nothing...again. 

If you are going to ever conquer boosting your personal and business credit score and getting unsecured business credit, I strongly encourage you to sign up today and commit the time to going through this Get Funded Challenge.  

You will get the skills and strategy to make it happen.

Without the question that usually sabotages it all: “What do I do next?” 

Sign up today. I’ll teach you the right way to how to get all the business credit you need without having to show financials or worry about denials anymore.

Proof.  It Works For Them...

It can work for you too!

This morning I woke up to some additional responses from lenders and BOOM! 2 more BCC’s approved!!

Working with Joe Lawrence is a prime example of what happens when you do things alone versus doing things with a coach. I just crossed $100K in business credit in the last 30 days!

We’re just getting started and I appreciate the ability to learn new strategies and build authentic relationships with lenders by working with you Joe.

Earnest Epps, Fredericksburg, VA

Joe Lawrence's training helped me find the best lending banks in my area in just a short period of time.

Now I can fund my advertising costs and scale my business because I finally got approved for a handful of business credit lines, including $75K on the spot from just one community bank.

I couldn't have done it without Joe's training and I highly recommend you just do it. He is straightforward and you just have to follow the process.

Jonathan Masson, Diamondhead, MS

Tim got $75K for his construction business!

Angela got over her fear of calling new banks!

Robert got his money's worth!

Anthony got $50k in one week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Joe Lawrence. Founder of Business Credit Workshop. We help small business owners get six figures+ in business credit without having to show financials.
Remind me - What is the Get Funded Challenge?
The Get Funded Challenge is our 5 day challenge built to connect you with local community banks and credit unions in your area that are lending (offering no-doc business lines of credit and business credit cards). You will also learn how to quickly boost up your personal and business credit scores in such a way that it is easier to get approvals.

We will be providing a daily lesson and challenge for 5 Days in a row. Each day you will get a video lesson, Q&A session, worksheets and action items to take. We also have an amazing chatroom (that you will have access to during the challenge) with alumni students to help you out!

The challenge starts on Monday July 22, 2024. There will be an opportunity on the next page to purchase lifetime replay access so that you can also watch the replays at your convenience.
What if I can't make it those dates?
Don't worry! You can still join! You will get the lesson unlocked each day and still be able to view the lesson and participate in the challenge! We've designed this challenge to work around your schedule if need-be!
Who do you help?
We help small business owners that want to grow and scale their business. This process works in any industry including investors, e-commerce, transportation, service and much more!
Who is *not* a good fit for this?
If you don’t have a business yet, we will teach you how to get setup. But you will have quicker results if your company is already setup. Secondly, if you are not willing to put in the work to get results, then this is not for you.
How much will this cost?
As this challenge is in our BETA phase, the investment is much lower than it will be in the future. It is only $147 to participate plus you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade your order to receive lifetime replay access (so that you can watch replays from the live challenge at anytime). This challenge comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Do you have any bonuses?
We will be giving out special bonuses to those that are most active in the challenge! This includes showing up for the training, completing tasks, posting in our Facebook group and providing customer feedback!

Total Value of Get Funded Challenge: $4,997
This offer is only available until July 22, 2024 or until it sells out, whichever is first.
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